Zola'u nìprrte' weptsengne oey! // Welcome to my website! :D

My name is Txawey and welcome to my website about all things Na'vi and Pandora! This place will be constantly updating as I come up with new ideas and the universe and language expand, so be sure to keep coming by!

  • Blog:
  • My Na'vi-only blog that I post on from time to time. Great for reading practice or just to learn a little bit more about me, my life, or things I like.

  • Lessons:
  • These are lessons that I have written for the sake of the Na'vi Classes Initiative I created on the Learn Na'vi Discord server. No need to be part of the class to use these!

  • Projects:
  • Projects that I have completed, am currently working on, want to work on, or am looking for collaboration on. Feel free to ask me about them or give some feedback if you want!

  • Links:
  • Links to websites, docs, or even more that I use or are created by good friends. If you have a resource you would like linked here, let me know!